About me

Hi, my name is Stella Jones,

I am a Singer, Musician, Producer, Writer, Vocal & Stage Coach, Business Coach,  Creative Trainer and Actress.

I was born into a Jazz Family and my life basically is about making music.

Most of the time  I am touring with my many music formations around the globe and when not on tour then I am working for several Music Academies, TV & Radio Stations as a a certified Vocal & Stage Coach as well as certified Trainer for Business Communications & Body Language. I am also skilled in the Healing Fields as certified Sound Healer and am providing Reiki and soothing Natural Frequencies for an harmonious Mind-Body-Balance.

Besides making Music I love to write Books for all Children in the age of 0-99 years and am producing Children`s Musicals.

When I was  five years old I started playing the piano and shortly after I fell in love with the Art of Puppeteering. I started to write entire Musicals for my family and friends and created puppets by using all materials that I could find in my Grandma`s house. Until today I love to create plays by giving the puppets unique personalities and let them perform with different voices and funny characters.

On this Site you find a combination of several branches of the Performing Arts and  the many topics that I have studied to bring more sunshine, joy and laughter into all people`s lifes.

If you are interested in my many Art Works or would like to dive deeper into other topics that I offer please visit also my other websites:

www.stelluna.com    www.stellajones.info    www.vocalstageacademy.com

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